Artisan Grains Australia grow a range of wheat, ancient grains, canola, barley and legumes.  With a focus on sustainable and regenerative farming practices and emphasis on healthy soil, our grains are single origin, not blended with grain from other farms and traceable from the moment we plant, right through to when they leave us here at Artisan Grains Australia, either as a whole grain or milled into our fresh stoneground flour.


Artisan Grains Australia flour is stoneground on farm using a beautiful stone mill we brought in from Europe.  Stoneground flour is different from industrially produced roller milled flour in that the whole grain, including the bran, germ and endosperm is ground slowly between two large stones in a cool and gentle way in order to retain the vitamins and minerals of the grain.  This differs from industrially produced flour which is produces by roller mills at a high speed which heats the wheat and takes the bran and germ away.  Industrial wholemeal flour is simply the re-mixing of the bran with the sifted white flour.



Our flours are all single origin, unblended flours.  This means that the grain is all grown on our farm and are not blended with grains from other places or varieties unlesss stated on the product.  Our flours are so tracable that the label will even tell you their exact growing location, the grain variety as well as the nutritional information.  The use of our own unblended grain means that each harvest our flour will vary due to a variety of factors including our farming program and practices which are adapted each year as part of our sustainable farming practices, climate and other growing conditions.

100% Whole Grain Flour

Our whole grain flour is milled to use 100% of the grain, producing a flavoursome, nutritious whole food. By using the bran, germ and endosperm, our flour is full of starch, proteins, minerals, vitamins, antioxidents, fiber, lipids and so much more.

Sifted Flour

Our sifted flour has approximately 30% of the coarsest bran removed providing a lighter, softer, finer flour which is still a nutrient dense, wholesome alternative to industrially produced all purpose plain flour.


Whole grain nutrition table.jpg

Below is what can be found in a whole grain of wheat (bran, germ and endosperm) versus the endosperm only.  Remember, the bran and germ are stripped away in industrially produced flour, leaving the endospoerm only.  It's easy to see how much more nutritious eating our stoneground flour is for you!