Artisan Grains Australia is located in Forbes, NSW on the wheat belt of Central West NSW. 

Artisan Grains Australia is the passion project of Ollie and Jess Dawes, owners and partners of Dawes Agriculture, a third-generation family owned and run business.

Ollie and Jess have been farming alongside Ollie's parents since late 2005 with a focus on sustainable farming practices and an emphasis on healthy soil.  They are committed to sustainable farming practices and hope that the land can continue to provide for their two small children and many future generations to come.  Ollie and Jess believe in the traceability of any food product and that consumers have a right to know how and where their food is grown.  With a passion for providing a healthy, nutritious product, we are proud to present both our milling grain and our

on-farm stoneground flour.

To find out more about our products including the benefits of traditionally stoneground flour, please